Clean skin is essential in order to maintain healthy skin.

Our skin is being covered with germs constantly. From our hands which spend all day handling objects and from the air. Germs move into the pores of our skin causing irritations and other problems.

Sometimes event the products we use to clean our skin cause problems because they contain chemicals and other harsh cleansers.

A good face cleanser or conditioner should always be free of chemicals.

The Volcanic Earth range of skin care products are all chemical free. Made using 100% natural products including pure Tamanu Oil, Pure Coconut Oil and Volcanic Ash for deep gentle cleansing, they nourish and protect the skin against:

√ wrinkles
√ uneven skin tone
√ puffiness
√ premature aging
√ sun damage
√ acne-prone skin
√ blackheads
√ redness
√ dullness
√ scarring
√ fine lines
√ dark circles
√ age spots
√ enlarged pores
√ congestion
√ hormonal breakouts
√ roughness/flakiness
√ dehydration
√ irritation-prone skin
√ dermatitis
√ eczema
√ wound healing and more

Discover Volcanic Earths Skin Care Products today to see and feel the difference.